Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Anniversaries- Celebrating 31 Wonderful Years!!!

Today Wilson and I are celebrating our 31st wedding anniversary. I wish I had some recent romantic pictures of us as a couple, but I don't. The picture above is from our little weekend getaway for our 30th anniversary. It doesn't really matter, because I KNOW that I am very loved and cherished. Wilson shows me in so many ways. He is always so willing to help me out when I want to start up a new project. He supports me in this floral design business that I love to do and is my biggest fan. He listens to me talk, talk, talk. He gives me hugs when I need them and makes me feel special. And he tells me he loves the way I look. Yes, I am very loved and I am very much in love with this wonderful man.
Every time I have the privilege to design the wedding flowers for a sweet young couple, I am so excited that they are getting married. And I always pray that the LORD would bless their marriage just as He has blessed ours!
Happy Anniversary, Wilson!!!!!!

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