Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dahlias for Stunning Centerpiece Designs

This is the third year of growing dahlias at Springwell Gardens, and I am looking forward to creating some beautiful bouquet and centerpiece designs for my couples later this summer and fall. 
The Café Au Lait dahlias definitely are eye-catching with colors that vary from blush-beige to soft lavender. The summer flowers are a bit smaller than the fall blooming ones. Here they are paired with Love-in-a-Puff vine, Queen Ann's Lace, lamb's ear and the peachy-red shrimp plant.
Bride-to-Be is a charming medium white flower, and Prospero is a lovely lavender pink. Cosmos, feverfew, foxglove and vinca vine complete the design in this vintage pitcher.
The Snoho Doris dahlias are varying shades of peach with soft yellow hues. They are featured in the design above with lamb's ear, ferns, zinnias, cosmos, foxglove, and gomphrena.
Look for these beauties and more from summer through late October!

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