Wedding Flowers from Springwell

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

April at Springwell Gardens

This is the most incredible month in the garden!!! Every day I go outside, I am amazed at all the growing and changing going on. It makes my head spin.
To give you an idea- here are two pictures of the same arbor. Picture 1 is March 10th....
and below, Picture 2 is April 7th. WOW!
It's really is amazing, and I love it! Check out some of the other April flowers making an appearance at Springwell Gardens.
White Fringe Tulips

 White and Purple Anemones

Kerria Japonica
 Chantilly Snapdragons

And Gold Heart Bleeding Heart
Some of these lovelies will be showing up in weddings soon!!!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Pansies, Muscari and Anemones for Springtime Weddings

The garden beds are starting to crank out some real beauties! It's so exciting to watch tall stems of white and purple anemones unfurl to show off dark velvety centers. .Hellebores are starting to mellow to a mint green, and bridal wreath spirea and flowering almonds have reached their peak.  These are just some of the flowers of spring!
Here are a couple of designs that take advantage of these lovely flowers as well as others such as ranunculus,  hyacinth, viburnum, pansies and muscari.
 Muscari and pansies are delightful flowers, but they have short stems, so they had to be given a separate water source to use in both of these designs.
The ethereal beauty of these flowers makes them a joy for springtime weddings!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pansies and Muscari for Springtime Weddings

The pansies had a rough time this year with all the cold, but they are finally starting to shine. Muscari was slow to start by a couple of weeks, but they too are now taking off..  
These blooms just shout "Spring!" and look great  in floral designs, but because of their short stems, you have to be creative. One way is to utilize the plants as well as the flowers. This short squared container lends itself well to a design in which individual plants and flower stems can be used.  
I have arranged two small pansy plants diagonally across from each other and two sedum plants along with some "hens and chicks" (sempervivum) in the other diagonal corners, then filled in with blooms from hyacinth, hellebore, anemones and muscari. The short stems of the flowers have their own water source while the plants were wrapped separately and tucked in. The container looks best when set on the table on the diagonal and offers a different view from all sides.
Another nice feature about this design is that it can be taken apart and the plants reused.  The pansies can be potted up and enjoyed for several more weeks before we really get hot (they can't take our summer heat), and the sedums can go right  into the garden bed or another container.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Peach Garden Roses and Silver Brunia Berries for Hilary and Gordon

I am so excited to share some beautiful images of Hilary's and Gordon's wedding captured by the talented husband and wife team- Brett & Jessica.
This mid-September wedding took place in a sweet rustic setting right outside Raleigh called The Little Herb House. It's such a charming venue- lovely open meadows for outdoor ceremonies, a formal herb garden, and a HUGE BARN that is just perfect for all sorts of celebrating!
Hilary's colors palette included soft peaches and corals and ivories with touches of dusty grays and silvery green. Her flowers included Juliet Garden roses, blush Sahara roses, Brunia Berries and sedum.
The bridesmaids carried bouquets of whites hydrangeas and lisianthus with seeded eucalyptus and a bright pop of raspberry pink alstromeria.
Jessica's bouquet was wrapped in burlap and lace.
Moms carried posies of Majolica spray roses, lisianthus and fragrant leaves of scented geranium.
Gordon's boutonniere featured white Majolica spray roses, brunia berries, sedum and Dusty Miller.

Their wedding was featured in a January post on Bridal Musings. Be sure to check it out to see all the great details of a very sweet wedding!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Coming Soon- Dahlias for Summer and Fall Weddings!

The first shipment of dahlia tubers came last week!
This year there will be several new varieties of Karma Dahlias as well as others that should do well with NC summertime temperatures. Because space is limited I will only be growing them in three of the garden beds.
You can expect to see rich chocolate red, fuchsia, deep pink, peach, coral and soft creamy blush.  These lush blooms look stunning in garden-styled bouquets as well as the more formal rounded bouquet, and are great in centerpiece designs!
Bloom time should start in mid June, but I am hopeful that the Karma Prospero Dahlias (which are a lovely pink) will be blooming in time for a late May wedding... It's a wait and see.
Last year the Karma dahlias kept cranking out wonderful blooms throughout the summer, but most of the others took a break during the July and early August. Dahlias really shine in the garden from mid September through late October- just in time for autumn weddings!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Paperwhites For Weddings

Paperwhite narcissus bulbs usually come to mind at Christmas time and during the early months of winter.
They are bulbs that are easy to force inside the home, with fragrant white blooms that bring a bit of springtime cheer to the winter months.
But with a little careful planning they can also be used for winter and early springtime weddings. Are you interested in trying them? Here's a quick primer then:
The best time to buy paperwhites is in the fall. You can keep them chilled in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator until about five to six weeks before you plan to use them.
The bulbs below arrived in October and were placed in the frig until I was ready to use them in late January.
The picture above shows the freshly planted bulbs, and the picture below shows them about 2 1/2 weeks later. To keep the foliage from becoming floppy, I actually place the containers in a protected area outside on days when temps are in the 40's and 50's and bring them in when temperatures drop below 30 degrees.Paperwhites prefer the cooler temperatures. I have had potted paperwhites handle upper 20's when I forgot to bring them in, but I don't think they could go below 25 degrees!
 Below shows the containers four weeks after planting.
And the final picture shows one of the containers 4 1/2 weeks after planting. These containers were potted up to use for two consecutive Sundays at our church. Note: to keep the flowers looking fresh for both Sundays, I placed the containers in a cooler between the two Sundays.
Growing paperwhites for a particular date definitely takes some planning... So if you decide that it's worth it, (like me), what do you need to do to have paperwhites for your wedding?  
First buy more than enough paperwhites to fill your chosen container TWICE. The containers above held nine bulbs each. My FIRST choice for paperwhite bulbs is John Scheeper. Ideally you should get  your order in by August or September- these bulbs are known to sell out by October.
For containers with no drainage holes like the one above, you can line with a heavy duty garbage bag, add pebbles to cover the bottom one inch (this helps keep the roots from becoming waterlogged), then add MOIST potting soil. You want to make sure that you DON'T over-water since there is no way for the water to drain out. Nestle the bulbs into the soil with the neck sticking up, then add more pebbles or small stones to keep the bulbs in place. And LIGHTLY water each week.
BUT to be on the safe side (no waterlogged plants), I strongly suggest growing your bulbs in a separate container with drainage holes like a large plastic pot. Choose one that will fit inside of a more decorative container that fits the style of your wedding (look at images on Pinterest or Google for ideas). Make sure that it sets within the more decorative container with ease so that you won't have trouble placing it inside later.
Start the first batch of paperwhites at five-six weeks before your wedding date, and the second batch at four-five weeks before your event. Once the green tips start growing keep the bulbs in a cool room in front of a sunny window,  periodically turning the container. About half a week before your wedding, choose the best showing potted bulbs, water them well and let the pots drain. Place them in you decorative containers and enjoy! Just imagine how great they would look for your wedding on a place card or gift table, or maybe to decorate the your ceremony venue. There are so many possibilities for using them!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Amaranthus for Summer and Fall Weddings

Amaranthus caudatus adds a lovely cottage charm to summer and fall wedding bouquets and designs.
I have grown the long draping ropes commonly known as Love-Lies-Bleeding for a few years, but have settled on a more compact hybrid offered by Johnny's Selected Seeds called Opopeo.
The shorter drape of the flower spikes make a lovely statement in wedding bouquets as shown in these two images by Erica Serrano Photography.
Seeds will be sown in March, and the flowers will start making their appearance from July through October. It looks great with other traditional summer flowers such as zinnias and dahlias.
I like to pinch out the topmost flower as this will produce more lateral flower stems. I am planning to use these beauties for a mid October wedding and hopefully one in August too!