Wedding Flowers from Springwell

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ranunculus and Anemones for Spring Weddings

This will be a busy month! In a addition to some upcoming, lovely weddings, there are of course, garden chores.
Yesterday my shipment of ranunculus and anemone corms came in. These flowers are breathtakingly lovely, and are a favorite of brides! I plan to get the first batch of corms into the garden beds later in the month. I hope to have some Carmel white anemones with dark eyes ready for Kaitlin's December wedding.
The plantings will be staggered a bit. Most of the corms should be in by mid October, but I am still experimenting with putting in a small batch for later springtime blooms. Anemones will start blooming as early as December, and will continue slowly through January. The pace will begin to pick up by late February and continue to gain speed through April.
If the temperatures for winter are normal in 2015, I expect to see the ranunculus blooming by early March.
There will also be other lovely flowers to join them- Hellebore, Winter Honeysuckle and Winter Daphne will begin to bloom in January. And I plan to set aside some protected garden space for lots of pansies. All of these flowers are absolutely fabulous for winter and early springtime bouquets.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Late Summer at Springwell Gardens

September is here and summer is slipping away... well sort of... the days are getting shorter, but the heat and humidity are hanging on.
The garden is full and kinda overgrown...
Don't look too closely or you will see there's a bit of mildew on the stems and insect nibbles too...
It's like shabby chic for the outdoors if you ask me. There are still  flowers blooming, but some are slowing down.
It's time to gather blooms for drying for winter designs,
And to keep an eye on the dahlias and sedums that I need for weddings this month and next.
Soon it will be time to start planting corms and bulbs for next season's blooms.
One of these days I hope to have the beds neater and better organized. I will keep you posted on how that goes....

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sweet Centerpiece Design for Spring and Summer

I am always on the lookout for something a little different... whether it's a unique flower to 
try in the garden, a new way to present the flowers for delivery, or something I haven't seen before to serve as a container.
So here's the latest item to catch my eye- Sundae dishes. I think they make lovely vessels for casual, eclectic reception designs.
They work great with a variety of flowers, and would be charming for spring and summer time weddings. The first two images show them with late summer flowers that are blooming here at Springwell Gardens such as dahlias, gomphrena, zinnias, eucalyptus, and fragrant herbs such as sage, rosemary and lavender. The third picture features some of the late spring flowers such as peonies, penstemon, forget-me-not, nigella and cosmos.
 And the last image shows the garden flowers of early springtime- viburnum, anemones, pansies,  muscari and ranunculus. It's such a refreshing way to welcome guests to your reception!
Can't wait to share this idea with my brides!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cafe Au Lait Dahlias and Pink Majolica Spray Roses

Some things are worth the wait! That is what I think about these Cafe Au Lait Dahlias. They are starting to bloom now at Springwell Gardens.
This is my second year of growing them. Last year I received dahlia tubers that were supposed to be Cafe Au Lait, but they were not!
Here they featured in a bouquet with pink Majolica spray roses, coral pink Jitterbug and white Bride-To-Be Dahlias, with a collar of seeded eucalyptus, Dusty Miller and Centaurea "Colchester White".
 I am looking forward to using them this fall for a few special brides!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Dahlias and Zinnias

We have had the summer rains this year, so there are lots of summer flowers. Here's some of the flowers blooming now at Springwell Gardens: Audray Pink Gomphrena, Burgundy Crested Celosia, Queen Red Lime Zinnias, Karma Dahlias, and Centaurea Colchester White
And here they are in a summery bouquet. Other flowers include Fireworks Gomphrena, Mountain Mint, Blue Ageratum, Smilax Vine, Summer Phlox and Love-in-a-Puff.
Most of these flowers will continue to bloom until frost. I have some autumn weddings that
will feature several of these beauties. Cafe Au Lait and Chilson Pride Dahlias are starting
to crank up which will be great for my brides that want a softer color palette.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pink Zinnias and Gomphrena for Summer Weddings

Zinnias are one of my favorite summertime wedding flowers, so I am thrilled when the brides that I meet with like them too!  The color for this summer has been pink.
I had the chance to use them last week for Kitty and Lofton's wedding, and will be using them again this weekend for Valerie and Matt.
Here they are in a bouquet from earlier in the season other flowers from the garden- Queen Ann's Lace, pink gomphrena, blue ageratum, bunny tails and mountain mint. Can't wait to show them paired up with dahlias next week!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Lantern Centerpiece for Winter and Spring

Last post about lantern centerpiece designs featured this lantern and this box with summertime flowers.
But lanerns are great for any season. For late winter and early spring, the wooden tray can be filled with cool season flowers such as pansies, hellebore, Winter Daphne, daffodils and anemones. These flowers are available (depending on the weather in the South) from mid February through April.
And for year round interest consider using lanterns with flower strewn wreaths.
This wreath was created with loosely woven of curly willow branches, then twined with mixed foliage such as Love-in-a-Puff vine, Dusty Miller, and a light scattering of peach colored spray roses. Other material can be used according to the seasons.
I love how versatile lanterns are, and so do many of my brides!