Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Locally Grown Flowers for a Springtime Wedding

Last May I had the pleasure of meeting with Bridget and Chris at an Open House at The Shady Wagon Farm. They were looking forward to a 2015 springtime wedding, and Bridget had her heart set on a garden/wildflower look for the wedding flowers.
That meeting led to some beautiful floral creations last weekend! I was so excited to be working with a couple that loved the look of garden style flowers, and I loved the opportunity to grow many of the flowers for them!
The garden beds at Springwell Gardens are really starting to wind up by mid May, and there were lots of flowers blooming that fit the soft pinks, creams and green color palette. 
Some of the flowers that were grown on site for their wedding were Chantilly snapdragons, poppies, cosmos,  Chinese Forget Me Not, and nigella blooms. I was hopeful there would be ranunculus, but the plants finished up too early. Thankfully the white anemones with black eyes  continued to hang in there!
Peach foxglove delivered some beautiful stems, and there were quite a few peonies that became part of the designs at the last minute.
I was excited to see Bridget when I delivered the flowers a few hours before the wedding. It was great to see her smile and hear her delighted approval!
I am so happy for you both as you begin this wonderful life together, and I look forward to you dropping by sometime to learn how to grow some of these beauties in your own garden some day!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Locally Grown Wedding Flowers for May

May ushers in a whole new set of wedding flowers at Springwell Gardens. There are beds of poppies Chantilly snapdragons, and Chinese Forget-Me-Not that started up in April, but are really getting
underway now that May is here. New to the gardens are cosmos- I am growing the Double Click and Sensations Mix varieties. And a Nelly Moser Clematis vine is in its second year. These lavender-pink
blooms should be ready for bridal bouquets starting in May 2016.
Other locally grown flowers that are on the verge of blooming are Love-in-a-Mist, pastel and yellow yarrow, Rose Campion, catmint, zinnias and more. They will start making appearances in some lovely weddings over the next few weeks!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Romantic Bleeding Heart for April Wedding Bouquets

As the end of April approaches I want to get up one more post about a great April flower for weddings. Bleeding Heart (dicentra spectabilis Gold Heart) has been a favorite at Springwell Gardens for several years. I have loved the occasions that its bloom time has corresponded with weddings.
It makes such a romantic statement in both the bridal bridal bouquet and the groom's boutonniere.
It is the perfect picture of springtime love!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Anemone and Ranunculus Centerpiece Designs for Spring

Anemones and ranunculus are probably the two favorite springtime bloomers at Springwell Gardens.
Anemones will actually start up during the winter months and slowly gain momentum through April. By mid March the ranunculus are joining in.
The bold faces of anemones with their dark eye and the full flounced ruffles of ranunculus are a nice contrast in floral designs.
I love to use them for wedding bouquets, but they are also stunning in centerpiece work as well. In  March they may be paired with other locally grown flowers such as Bridal Wreath spirea, Winter Daphne, pussy willow and hellebore.
And as springtime moves into April they are joined by leucojum, snapdragons and viburnum and the slightly fragrant buds of Spice Bush. In May they .

Friday, April 17, 2015

Lily of the Valley for April Weddings

So many springtime flowers make a delightful appearance that lasts for only days, and then we must wait until again next year.
One of those flowers is Lily of the Valley. I have been watching for it since the end of March, even though I know it won't come until April.  Those delicate white bells finally started unfurling earlier this week and they were a joy to see.
  Lily of the Valley is a short stemmed flower that works well for petite designs, or it may be wired and added to larger bouquets. Another option is to provide a hidden water source
Then it can be worked into a larger design such as a centerpiece arrangement. Here it is featured with white anemones, pink, blush and white ranunculucs, hellebore, pieris and bleeding heart.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

White Wedding Flowers from the Garden

The white anemones, ranunculus and leucojum are blooming at Springwell Gardens.
Each one is a favorite for springtime weddings.
Below they are gathered together in a charming bouquet with blooms from some springtime flowering shrubs such as Korean Spice Bush and Pieris!
It has been so nice to see spring flowers again after such a cold winter. Their beauty is fleeting though- these flowers love cool springtime weather. With the temperatures flirting with upper 70's and low 80's I am afraid their season will be short!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring Flowers at Springwell Gardens

Spring is here, and the spring flowers are putting on their show. This year at Springwell Gardens
there are white, magenta and blue anemones, blue and white muscari, white and pastel ranunculus, leucojum, daffodils, and pussy willow just to name a few.
Spring is a short season in the South, which makes these flowers extra special. The bloom period for many of these is just two to four weeks.
Some like the anemones and ranunculus will bloom a little longer. I suggest that brides who are interested in using locally grown flowers, especially in the spring, learn ahead of time what is blooming around their wedding date.
Are you interested in daffodils or a special color of ranunculus, maybe something blue? If you plan ahead (late summer to early fall), and you're working with a designer who grows flowers you may be able to have her grow some- just for you!