Friday, April 26, 2013

Peach and Coral Ranunculus and Bleeding Hearts for Katey and Matt

Some of the most beautiful flowers for springtime weddings are grown here at Springwell Gardens. Ranunculus, leucojum, tulips, bleeding heart, and more have been making an appearance in the garden beds since late February.
And that is just what Katey and Matt wanted for their April wedding- flowers from the garden.
When we first met last March, I showed Katey and Matt some designs that featured ranunculus in an array of beautiful colors peaches, corals, pinks and yellows... they decided these would be the perfect flowers for their wedding designs.
 They also liked the idea of trying to use some of the other seasonal flowers from the garden such as Angelique tulips, leucojum and bleeding heart.....
Here's Katey's bouquet filled with a colorful array of ranunculus, leucomjum, Angelique tulips and bleeding heart from the Gardens, along with coral spray roses and creamy stock.
 Matt's boutonniere featured two plump ranunculus buds and a single bleeding heart floret.
Posies for the aisle chairs were created with apricot colored snapdragons, coral spray roses and peach and coral ranunculus.
Centerpiece elements featured pussy willow, curly willow and ranunculus from the Garden in sleek cube and rectangular vases for the reception at The Umstead Hotel and Spa.
Loved having the chance to work with this sweet couple. And since they live near, I would be more than happy to help give them pointers for a flower garden of their own!
 Wishing you all the best, Katey and Matt, as you begin your lives together.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Blue Anemones, Hellebore and Muscari for Allison and Kevin

 Spring is here and it's a joy to watch all of nature wake up from winter!
The cooler temperatures in March have made this one of the most beautiful springs in years! Really!!! And I am so happy for couples like Allison and Kevin who chose this time of year to get married!
My first meeting with Allison was January. She wanted a rich color palette for their wedding day- deep purples and plums and brightly hued greens punctuated with soft lavenders.
As April approached, it was exciting to see the garden flowers cooperating! Plum colored hellebore, dark purple muscari and blue-purple anemones, peacock blue-green cerinthe tipped with purple bells, and bright chartreuse euphorbia. These garden flowers were paired with lavender Ocean Song roses and violet stock.
The centerpiece designs made a lovely statement at Caffe Luna. Other flowers included green Jade roses, purple larkspur and lisianthus, and various shades of purple and lavender Florigene carnations with such names as Moonvista and Moonshade,

It's been a little over a week since their wedding day... and now come the days of being newlyweds!
Praying God's blessing for you two as you begin your lives together!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Beautiful Blue Anemone and Muscari for Springtime Weddings

We have been blessed with a very cool start to springtime this year, and all the spring bulb-type flowers have LOVED it. The blue muscari and anemones have been blooming for several weeks. And it has been great using them in springtime wedding designs.
The color of the anemones runs from a dark blue to a deep purple blue, and the same is true for the muscari. My pictures are a little deceiving- in real life this color has more of a purple hue. They are pictured here in a bouquet of other spring beauties- rose colored anemones,  Bridal Crown Daffodils, ranunculus,  pansies, viburnum and vinca vine.
 When the temperatures are on the cool side, each flower will put on a show in the garden that lasts for about a week. But start adding a little heat- like upper 70's and low 80's and they will melt out quickly. My advice is to pick them so you can enjoy them for five to seven days inside your home!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Blue Muscari and Yellow Daffodil Centerpiece for Spring

The muscari are in bloom now at Springwell Gardens. 
These charming blue flowers have a delightful "grape-like" fragrance and are so lovely for centerpiece and bouquet designs. Here they are featured with miniature daffodils called "Tete a tete", and purple and yellow face pansies.
 The first greens of the spring season include small leaves of lambs' ear, lime green Angelina sedum, Fairy rosebush sprigs and heuchera.
 The floating candles nestled among the floral elements in this wooden box complete this unique garden style centerpiece.