Thursday, February 26, 2015

Garden Flowers for Spring and Summer Weddings- Feverfew

I expect the bloom times for a lot of the spring flowers will be a little later this year since the temperatures are running well below normal. But the plants are still growing, and a real charmer for late spring and early summer weddings is feverfew!
I grow the double flowered (pictured above) as well as the single variety. I believe the double flowered version has a more refined appearance and makes a lovely statement in bouquets
The single flower variety has a charming appeal
which is perfect for garden inspired designs.
Both varieties are  great options for brides searching for locally 
grown flowers for their wedding day. They are available at
 Springwell Gardens from mid May through late June.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Garden Flowers for Summer and Fall Weddings- Gomphrena

Winter is holding on tightly. Mid February usually shows signs of early spring- but not this year!
So as we prepare to drop below ten degrees tonight, I can't help but think hopefully not much longer!!!
Next week it will be time to start my first batch of gomphrena. These rounded button-like flowers are great for summery garden styled wedding bouquets.
They are great accent flowers that come in pink, lavender-pink, white and violet-purple.
Seeds can be sown successively for an extended bloom period. Plants grow slowly until the temps begin to warm up. But once you add summer heat, they begin to take off. 
I am able to gather flowers well into fall and with some protection I can even harvest up to early November!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Garden Flowers for Spring Weddings- Poppies

One of the most romantic and ethereal flowers is the poppy. Delicate petals, thin as tissue paper, flutter and dance like butterflies!
That romantic, delicate appeal is what makes the poppy a wonderful flower for weddings!
The preferred cultivar for cut flowers is the the Iceland poppy (Papaver nudicaule). I grow a variety  called Meadow Pastels from seeds started in late fall. The flowers bloom from late March through May. Because of their delicate nature, poppies are at their best when they are purchased from a locally grown source. 
Or even better- when they are grown with your wedding day in mind!