Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wedding Bouquet of Summer Whites & Yellows

Looking back on this past summer, I have to say that my flower beds performed very well.
We started out hot in June and July with very little rain. But the rains did start up in late July and we only flirted a little with 100 degree temperatures, (my heart goes out to the folks in Texas who suffered through days and days of drought and above 100+ degree heat!)
This bouquet features different shades of yellow zinnias including a lemon yellow bedding zinnia. And the yellow Mexican Tulip poppies produced flowers all summer long. Feathery sprays of yellow-green Sweet Annie added a sharp spicy fragrance. Sweet Annie blooms in later August and September.
There were not as many white flowers this year, but the white David phlox was a faithful bloomer from July through mid September and in late August there was also a showing of starry clusters of garlic chive flowers. Lisianthus and white stock came from my vendor.
Other great performers in both the garden beds and containers were several different varieties of scented geranium. The softly marbled leaves in the picture below are from a variety called Snowflake Scented Geranium.
Bramblewood Gardens at the State Farmer's Market in Raleigh has one of the best selections of scented geraniums. Jeff grows over fifteen varieties and has them available from mid April until July. He also has LOTS of other offerings for the kitchen garden as well as a great selection of hydrangeas!
I can't believe summer is over... Time to start planning for next year!

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