Thursday, September 15, 2011

Summer Bouquet- Pretty In Pink!

The pink flowers of late summer are bold textured, sometimes soft to touch, like the crested celosias and wheat celosias in the bouquet below, but not what I would call delicate.These are some of the late summer flowers that are blooming now: zinnias, crested and wheat celosias, Fairy roses, Audray and Fireworks gomphrena, Autumn Joy and Motrona sedums, and chocolate-burgundy perilla.
The dark, ruffly leaves of perilla have been a part of the summer garden since late May. Now they are just starting send out pink flower spikes and in a couple weeks they will cast their seeds and be gone until next year.
I have been so pleased the the new gomphrenas. The flowerheads on Fireworks look like they came from a picture in a Dr. Seuss book. And the Audray gomphrena (the globe pink clover-like flowers) is an excellent flower for drying. I have been gathering stems and hanging them up all over the studio. They will hold their color for about two years!

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