Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Bouquet in White- Snow-on-the-Mountain

Here in Cary, NC, we have had some pretty hot weather this year. It seems like our temps have been about 10 degrees above normal for weeks. So I was intrigued by the common name for this soft green and white euphorbia- it's called Snow-on-the-Mountain. How refreshing that sounds this time of year, and how refreshing it looks in summer bouquets!
I have grown several different types of euphorbias, but they are spring time bloomers, and by summer they are way past their peak.
This is my first year of growing Euphorbia marginata. And so far I just love it!!! The seeds were sown indoors in early March and the plants started blooming in early June. Next year I plan to do several plantings so that I will have them to add to bouquets and designs for a couple of months.
They mix beautifully with white and cream flowers. In the top bouquet, I used the Snow-on-the-Mountain as a collar around white calla lilies and double feverfew, (all from the garden).
The second and third pictures show it mixed with cream yarrow, white hydrangeas, the single form of feverfew and Akito roses.
Caution should be used when working with euphorbias as they can cause skin irritations for some people. I have had no problems with it myself, but would use care with anyone who has sensitive skin.
I think these beauties are a wonderful addition to the garden and to summer bouquets!

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