Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Spicy Pink Summer Bouquet from the Garden

In all honesty, today's title can be taken Literally AND Figuratively. Here's a fun bouquet from the garden that is filled with spicy fragrance AND spicy pink colors!!! Some of these flowers are Southern favorites such as Bee Balm (monarda) and perilla and are fairly easy to grow. Bee Balm is the flower that looks like fireworks, and perilla is the rich plum colored leaf collar that encircles the bouquet.
These flowers are also edible- now this doesn't mean they really taste good, but they are safe to use around foods as garnishes or decoration. Sometimes perilla is used to flavor teas and vinegar, and the little pink firework blooms from Bee Balm would look sweet sprinkled on top of cupcakes.
Here's a closeup of Bee Balm nestled in with gladiolas florets, pink yarrow and bright pink hydrangeas.
I love all the rich shades of pink that are happening in this bouquet, and many of them will be around the garden for a few more weeks.
Tomorrow I will start to work on the wedding flowers for Kirsten and Daniel. Her colors are pink too, and I know that she likes hydrangeas and the Neon Dianthus. Some of those flowers may find a way into some of her designs...

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