Monday, January 16, 2012

With This Knothole...

Last week I wrote about the "Art" in nature that I find on walks, and an interesting piece of "Art" to find is a knothole. These are round pieces of weathered wood from a tree with a hole in it, (this is where a branch use to be).I use pieces like these for their woody, organic appeal. I will usually anchor the knothole to my design with pins or wire and then fill the hole in with flowers and moss.
Can you see the knothole in these two pictures? It's nestled behind the pink and orange ranunculus.
Here is a thick stumpy knothole that's about the size of my hand.
I used it for a spring time design of Lily of the Valley, Blue Bells and Bleeding Heart.
I enjoy adding finds like these to make the designs interesting. Yes, I know it's not a really big deal, and many people will overlook it. But I also know there are a few people that will spy things like knotholes and such and be enchanted.

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