Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just Give Me Zinnias

This is certainly not the first time I've written about zinnias.
And that's because they are some of my absolute favorite flowers. My fondness for them begin when I first got married (See the post "Zinnias and A Wedding" 11-14-10), and I have always enjoyed them ever since.
Here is a picture of my wedding bouquet and one of the bridesmaid's bouquets- notice her bouquet has little pink zinnias. It was one of the few flowers I was familiar with when I got married. And what's so GREAT about them is that almost anyone can grow them!
I start with seeds usually in March, but sometimes I start them even earlier.
Not only do I enjoy growing them, but I find zinnias also make great wedding flowers! The picture above is a bouquet of mixed summer flowers such as yellow Asiatic lilies, white calla lilies, feverfew, and pink and yellow zinnias.
The summer bouquet below features red zinnias, scented geraniums and a swirling wrap of Love-In-A-Puff vine.
Zinnias come in reds, pinks, purples (more of a fuchsia purple), yellows, oranges, green and white.
I sometimes make bouquets of just zinnias as in the design above, but more often I combine them with other flowers. The white, yellow and blue bouquet below features roses, yarrow, feverfew and hydrangeas.They are the epitome of great summer flowers- bright colors, heat lovers, and they bloom and bloom and bloom.
But they love autumn too, and you can sometimes coax flowers from the plants all the way through frost.
I plan to give a quick primer on sowing the seeds in March, and then you can grow your own zinnias- who knows, you may find that you love them as much as I do!!!


  1. Hi!! My mom and i just decided this week that we want to plant LOTS of zinnias for my wedding in August! However, I read that you said to start the seeds in March and it's April :/ And I won't be back home from school until the first weekend in May. Are we too late on the seed thing, or will we need to plant actual plants? We were hoping to find a frugal but creative way to decorate the wedding, and thought this would be really fun. I'd love to hear your suggestions and opinions on planting zinnias! :)

  2. Hi Jamie,
    Sorry to be responding to your question so late! Depending on where you live, zinnias can be planted several times throughout the season. I grow Benary Giants (Johnny's Select Seeds). I start my first batch as early as February and grow these under lights, and I can start my last batch in late July. Please send me an email if you want further instructions.