Monday, January 2, 2012

Weddings- Meredith & Casey, the Real Pictures

Each season offers rewards and challenges for weddings, and this is so true for summer. And though Casey and Meredith had the challenge of some very "WARM" (102 degrees) weather, you would never know it from the stunning photographs captured by Robyn of Robyn Van Dyke Photography.
She was able to capture the joyful emotions of a young man and young woman who were so very happy to be getting married!
One of the beauties of summer weddings is the vibrant color palette. Meredith chose rich royal blue for her bridesmaids and a gorgeous royal blue floral print for her maids-of-honor.
The saturated yellows of the Gerber daisies and roses that were nestled in sky blue hydrangeas were a great complement for the color of the dresses.
Meredith chose the timeless look of an all white bridal bouquet. Her flowers included Akito roses, freesia, lisianthus and Majolica spray roses wrapped with her grandmother's handkerchief.
Casey's boutonniere was a single yellow rose.
Centerpiece designs featured blue dephinium, blue and white hydrangeas, white and yellow roses, mums, lots of fresh summery greenery and...
some cute little Love-In-A-Puff pods from my summer vines.
The centerpiece for the head table was embellished with a label designed with the "heart" seeds from Love-in-a-Puff... so appropriate for weddings, don't you think.

I am so happy for Casey and Meredith as they begin this New Year as Newlyweds- their 1/2 year anniversary is right around the corner! May God continue to bless your lives together.
And Thank You again to Robyn Van Dyke Photography for sharing these wonderful pictures!

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