Friday, January 13, 2012

The Art in Nature

Walks around the neighborhood are a daily must... You see, we have a Jack Russell, and she always wants to go for a walk. So while she is sniffing and searching for wild game or trying to determine what other dogs have passed our way, I am on the hunt for ART- Nature's Art.

It can be found most anywhere... in the leaves, in the grass, sometimes a little off the path among broken branches that litter patches of woods between houses. Winter is a great time for collecting these finds because you don't have to worry about snakes or bugs.Sometimes the found "Art" is something very common like these sweet gum tree balls. I am thinking of ways to incorporate them in some of my designs for fall weddings. The trick is to pick them up while they look fresh. After a few weeks of being on the ground in the weather, they will begin to deteriorate.
Other objects of interest just waiting to be found are fan-like bits of tree fungus called "Turkey Tails" or pieces of lichen. I usually spot them on old branches lying on the ground.
And some of my favorite finds are knot holes. Whenever I spot them, I quickly snatch them up. They all become a part of my nature art collection.
And many will find their way into some of my floral designs. Check back again to see what you can do with a knot hole!

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