Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Bouquet- Red Zinnias from the Garden

The red zinnias are really making their presence known in the garden.
These lovely blooms are from a second planting of zinnia seeds- Yes, you can plant many different types of seeds several times in the growing season. The seeds for this second set of flowers were started in mid May. I also have some June starts and some July starts that are still in small pots. I have found that I am much more successful starting the seeds in small containers instead of ground sowing. This way I can keep them AWAY from PESTS, and move them out of the sun when the temps get really hot
The zinnias were paired with other picks from the garden such as the antique green heads of hydrangea, scented geranium leaves and several strands of Love-In-A-Puff vines.
A single flax leaf wrap adds the finishing touch!

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  1. Never heard of Love-in-a-Puff unique! Great summer bouquet...