Monday, July 18, 2011

Romance in the "Puff"

There are several flower names that conjure up images of love and romance...
"Cupid's Dart" and "Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate" or "Love In A Mist", but one of my absolute FAVORITES is Love-In-A-Puff . And the name really says it all... just look at what is inside those dainty little puffs- Hearts!!!
The botanical name is Cardiospermum halicacabym, and it is an annual vine that bears oodles of green puffs from mid summer through fall. Each bright, airy puff holds three black seeds, and each black seed is imprinted with a tiny cream colored heart. Yes, love is definitely in the puff!
And of course I think that carrying these delicate little beauties in your wedding bouquet is the epitome of ROMANCE... then save the seeds and plant your own Love-In-A-Puff vines!
They will definitely find their way into in several of my upcoming summer and autumn weddings this year!

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