Saturday, July 9, 2011

Getting Ready for a September Wedding

Mikki and Hector will be getting married this September. I am SO EXCITED for them! I met Mikki last summer at the Southern Bridal Show & Expo, (can't believe how quickly that time has past!) She loves all things from the garden and then some, so there will be flowers from my garden beds as well as timeless favorites such as roses and freesia and lisianthus. The palette will be creams, greens, purples, and lavenders.
So one of the fun elements that will find its way into the the designs is Love-in-a-Puff. The vines are just starting up and should have plenty of "Puffs" by early September. I plan to share more about this vine later in the week.
Other flowers from the garden will be purple zinnias.
And lots of fragrance such as the scented geranium above, rosemary and spicy African Blue Basil- I just love it!!!
Last week I put together this preview design, and I believe Mikki was quite pleased.
Here's a close-up of Love-in-a-Puff, purple gomphrena and zinnias.
Corsages for the Moms will be designed as dainty nosegays. This one is sporting dried Love-in-a-Mist pods and dried dock, as well as gomphrena, stock, rosemary, black Mondo grass, dusty miller and purple tradescantia leaves. Not your typical corsage!
Boutonnieres will be fun too. Here are two that Mikki liked- one with purple gomphrena, green holly berries, horsetail and a dried poppy pod, and the other has a silky clematis pod, Fireworks gomphrena and African Blue basil stems. I hope to keep the actual groom's bout a surprise until the wedding day.
Speaking of grooms- Hector has come with Mikki to both of our floral consults, and he seems genuinely interested. And Mikki has also brought her parents and sister- the whole family seems to be so excited about this wedding! I have loved opportunity to meet with them and check out the garden beds with her Dad and such.
The wedding is less than two months away, and I am praying the garden will provide some WONDERFUL things for this very special day!!!

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