Monday, April 11, 2011

Wedding Flowers from the Garden- Tulips Part II

Angelique Tulips are so lovely, and they smell like honey! They are one of the many varieties of Peony Flowering or Double Late Tulips. They bloomed a little early this year in my garden as did the Triumph tulips, because of the extra warm temperatures in March. I had tried this variety a few years ago, but was disappointed with them. I believe now it had a lot to do with the haphazard way that I planted them (too late), and also because I did not chill them. That year they started coming into bloom in late April and by then it was just too hot. This year I chilled the bulbs for about eight weeks and got them in the ground in early November. They performed beautifully! Next year I will definitely plant them again, (maybe around mid to late November).
This bouquet was also designed with bright pink ranunculus and the apple green flower heads of viburnum macrocephalum, commonly known as Chinese Snowball. These flowers grow on small bushy trees. The flower heads start out with tight lime green florets that gradually mature to light apple green, then finally large white flower heads. I love to use the tighter flower heads, but this is my next favorite stage.
This bouquet was a delight to create! I am looking forward to growing these tulips again next spring!


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  2. Thank you, Glenn, for checking out the blog.