Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wedding Flowers- Colors of Christmas with a touch of Pink!

This bouquet takes the classic Christmas colors of red and green and perks them up with PINK! It was one of the bouquets from the Bridal Show last week. It contains both large headed red roses and the smaller red spray roses, baby green hydrangea, (for December bouquets I would substitute antique green hydrangeas), yellow-tipped fronds of Chamaecyparis, and creamy green holly-like leaves of osmanthus. A spicy fragrance comes from fresh Rosemary. Two colors of pink stock and clover-like heads of dried gomphrena really set off the reds.
The velvety heads of red crested celosia are also dried flowers. There are many summer flowers that are perfect for drying and using later. This is a great way to add flowers to wedding designs that may be out of season. Check for posts later this summer on dried flowers!
This centerpiece design also features dried gomphrena and crested celosia. Red and pink roses play off the dried flowers and a variety of Christmas greens such as the Chamaecyparis, osmanthus, Rosemary and magnolia. The cube vase is wrapped with a brocade ribbon complete with a buttoned bow!
I think pink is a wonderful addition to the colors of Christmas!

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  1. Red is a vibrant and attractive color which gives the wedding flower a good look. The flowers are designed in a sylish way which definitely makes everyone to its attention atleat for a flash of seconds.