Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Time Wedding Flowers in Hot Pink

The Southern Bridal Show & Expo was GREAT!!! I loved meeting lots of excited brides and some really fun wedding professionals too. The colors for the flowers I used included lots of bright hot pinks, fuchsias, yellows, corals and chartreuse. But I also included some soft pinks and blues as well. Last week's post featured flowers from my garden beds that I planned to use in some of my designs, and this week's first post shows some of those flowers off in this sweet bouquet. My favorite flower in this design is Bleeding Heart- it's the hanging strand of pink hearts.
This is the first year I have used Bleeding Hearts in a bouquet design, and I thought the flower held up very well. I would love to have a bride next April who would want to include it among the flowers in her bouquet! The tulips are the soft pink Foxtrot and the rich deep pink Barcelona. I plan to grow both of them again next year. Other flowers from the garden include the delicate blue hyacinthoide or bluebells and apple green hellebore.
Anemones from the garden were also featured in this bouquet- I loved having flowers from the garden in my spring floral designs for the Bridal Show!!!
Tomorrow I will have some actual pictures from the Bridal Show. I met the very talented Christa of Christa Davidson Photography at the Show. She's a wonderful young woman with an artist's eye- I loved her booth design! And she agreed to take some shots of my booth for the blog.

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