Friday, November 4, 2011

Fall Bouquets of Dahlias and Zinnias

The dahlias this year have been an absolute treat! Since Springwell Gardens is an urban garden, space is at a premium, so I only have about twenty-five plants. I have chosen colors that I think would work well for late summer and autumn bouquets, and I have not been disappointed.
This late October bouquet features a sunset palette that flows between dusky purples, fuchsias, warm peach tones, and magentas. The zinnias are from a July planting, and a few plants are still producing flowers.
The hyacinth bean vines will also bloom through to frost. Their flower spikes start a bright fuchsia and mature to a grape lavender. The magenta  globes of gomphrena add the finishing touch!Cream stock and ivory Majolica spray roses mix with peachy hued dahlias and salmon colored zinnias in this next bouquet. Starry florets of chives, bronze colored leaves and pink flower spikes of perilla round out this design. Perfect for the change in seasons from late summer to autumn!

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