Saturday, October 29, 2011

Looking Back at the NC State Fair

It's hard to believe that the NC State Fair has already come and gone. I had a great time participating in the floral design competitions this year. Sometimes I win and sometimes I don't, but I am always hopeful. This year I entered four categories, and I ended up winning a couple of Blue Ribbons as well as one Best In Show!
One of my favorite designs contained one of my favorite flowers--- Zinnias. The category was NC Themed Design that was to feature all NC materials (botanical and flowers), and the title was "Love A Fair". This made me think of all the fun rides at the fair, so that was what I designed my piece around- a ride at the fair.
Then I filled an old wooden box with lots of garden gatherings such as scented geraniums, gomphrena, Love In a Puff, osmanthus greenery, zinnias, etc. Made up a cute little banner to drape across the front, and created a vine roller coaster complete with pyracantha berry cars.It didn't win a blue ribbon, but I sure had a lot of fun creating it!The next piece was door design called "Holiday's Are A-Knockin". It could be for any holiday, so I did a different take on my favorite- Christmas!
And this one proved to be a WINNER! I received both a Blue Ribbon for the design as well as Best In Show! My one big regret is that I accidentally deleted the picture of my piece on display at the Fair with its ribbons.
Below is a quick shot that I took before I rushed it over to beat the entry deadline.
This design featured bright green branches of Kerria Japonica, variegated osmanthus leaves, yellow tipped Chamaecyparis, and Fireworks gomphrena from the garden as well as red Freedom roses from my vendor. Red aluminum wire held the branches in place and made a great hanger as well.
Can't wait to do this one again. The fresh flowers should last for several weeks if watered carefully and hung on a protected outside door- Perfect for the Christmas season!

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