Tuesday, November 22, 2011

DIY for Spring Weddings- Pressed Flowers- Pansies and More

Pressed flowers are a great DIY wedding project, and pansies are a good place to start. But there are so many more flowers that are great for pressing such as larkspur, hydrangeas, even baby oak leaves.
...Be sure to check out the April 26th DIY on pressed flowers for details on pressing.
Here are a few ideas for your flowers once you have pressed them:
Pansies are great for escort and place card settings, and these can be made weeks ahead of time. I use PPA- Perfect Paper Adhesive to attach them and as a top coat to seal them. It's available from: http://www.elizabeths-flowers.com. This is a wonderful site to learn more about pressing as well.
And hydrangeas make a lovely composition as in this framed piece below. The flowers are attached with PPA in a random pattern almost as if scattered by a soft breeze.
And for the nature lover there is this unusual piece designed with newly emerged oak leaves.
You will have to act quickly to gather these little treasures though. They are only available for about eight to ten days in early April before they quickly mature into larger leaves.
So many ways to use pressed flowers and leaves... Next week, I plan to do another post to explain in more detail the "how to" get them on the paper. I would love to hear what you think!

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