Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weddings- Abigail & Will

December weddings are cheerful weddings! Churches are all decked out for the Christmas season and there is usually a fresh chill in air. The sky is a breathtaking blue in December, and the sun casts long shadows along the streets and sidewalks. Yes, December is a grand time for a wedding. And yesterday was Abigail and Will's December wedding day.
Abigail came to my studio when the weather was MUCH warmer... August, in fact, which was steamy and hot. Her father and mother and aunt and even Will came with her. I love meeting other family members! We braved the heat to check out some evergreen shrubs that would add beautiful textures and yellowy greens to her bright red and yellow palette.
Chamaecyparis obtusa "Crippsii" or Golden cypress, fragrant Rosemary and a variegated holly-like shrub- Osmanthus heterophyllus are wonderful selections for weddings during the winter months.
And at the last minute, I thought that she and Will might like some berries as well, so I suggested some berried stems from my Nandina bushes (an old favorite for Southern gardens).
The picture above is of one the ceremony pieces for the church. It featured red and yellow roses, yellow button mums and lots of festive Christmas greenery. I was glad that Abigail said yes to the nandina berries.
This piece for the reception included the same flowers with nandina berries and golden cypress as well as fresh rosemary.
When we walked through the garden I pointed out the scented geraniums plants. I thought these variegated leaves would be lovely in this arrangement and would also add a nice fragrance in addition to the rosemary.
The Maid of Honor bouquet was a beautiful gathering of bright yellows with touches of red- Gerber daisies, yellow Babe spray roses and Freedom red roses.
Abigail's bouquet was so lovely! It was designed with red Freedom roses and dainty red spray roses, yellow Gold Strike roses, yellow Babe spray roses and delicately fragrant yellow freesia with a lacy collar of green and gold cypress. Will and Abigail, I wish you all the best! Enjoy the rest of the wonderful season together as husband and wife.


  1. Hi Tracy,

    We just wanted to say Thank You Very Much for the beautiful flower arrangements you did for our wedding. The bouquets were beautiful! The colors were very rich and the combination of the different flowers and greenery were indeed festive! And the yellow freesias were a wonderful surprise!

    Will & Abigail

  2. I am so glad that the freesia came in after all! And I am so happy for you two!!!