Thursday, December 15, 2011

Angles on My Wreath

Yes, angles, not angels. This year I was inspired to try something different by a post I read earlier on Botanical Brouhaha about wreaths (February 21, 2011). There were several designs that were square, and I thought why not?
I decided to go a little bit rustic, and use materials from my garden beds. This year the winterberry hollies FINALLY had berries- so of course I wanted to use holly berries.
I also searched out straight woody stems on small trees and bushes in the landscape, and a couple that I foraged on a recent walk.
And I wanted greenery that would really stand out, so I cut some yellow tipped Chamaecyparis or cypress branches (I also used these last week for Abigail and Will's wedding flower designs).
After cutting the branches into 22 inch lengths, I lashed them together with green bindwire.
I also cut some branches into 32" lengths to run diagonally through the middle of the wreath for stabilization, (something I've seen my husband, Wilson, do when he was building a gate).
After the branches were lashed together, I begin gluing in holly berry branches and the yellow tipped cypress. The finishing touch was swirls of red aluminum wire.
I hope my family enjoys the festive touch to the front door.

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