Monday, November 14, 2011

Autumn Treasures from the Garden- Looking Back

Here are some of the last blooms from my gardens. The flowers above are ones that I picked and arranged around the end of October. After I had gathered them, I began to pull the plants down. It's hard to believe another season is over.
The zinnias performed very well. I left a couple of plants just so I could pick a few more flowers. The speckled bells of foxglove were a lovely surprise in the fall garden. These are late spring bloomers that bring a vintage look to floral designs. The Black and Blue salvia put on a beautiful show with their cobalt blue flowers. Next year I plan to cut them back in late July to see if I can get shorter, bushier plants. I will also cut back and fertilize the dahlias around the same time to see if they will produce more abundantly on shorter plants.
The yellow buttons are Tansy and the pink quill like flowers are Fireworks gomphrena. I plan to make sure both of these will be back next year.
All of these flowers would be wonderful additions to vintage or garden themed wedding flowers.
And  I was very pleased that several of my brides wanted to use garden flowers in their wedding designs. I always hope that someday this may inspire them to grow flower gardens of their own! I would love to help them if they decide to do so!

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