Saturday, December 29, 2012

Something Blue for Springtime Wedding Flowers

Looking for blue flowers for your springtime wedding? Check out these sweet lovelies- Spanish Bluebells (hyacinthoides) and Grape Hyacinths (muscari). Both are fall planted bulbs (or corms) that bloom in the South from mid March through mid April.

 They pair wonderfully with other spring bloomers such as leucojum and ranunculus, and look great in bouquets and centerpiece designs. Spanish Bluebells and Grape Hyacinths also come in whites and pinks, but shades of blue are the most common color. The Grape Hyacinths also have a pleasing delicate fragrance.

An added bonus is that you can purchase your own bulbs in the fall after your wedding, and grow these as a yearly reminder of  your special day. Once they are planted they will continue to come back each spring and multiply year after year....


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