Sunday, December 9, 2012

Garden Gatherings for Christmas Wreaths

Christmas wreaths are a favorite of mine. Each year I enjoy making several for family and friends. I used to wire all the greenery myself, but it has been such a time saver to purchase a fresh green Noble fir base and embellish with nature and garden gatherings and even a little produce from the store.
If a plant is going into one of our garden beds or border, it has to do more than look nice- it has to offer something that can be used. Over the years we have added a variety evergreen shrubs that are wonderful for cutting Christmas greenery from. They include:
Chamaecyparis pisifer "Golden Mops"
Chamaecyparis obtusa "Crippsii"
and Osmanthus heterophyllus "Goshiki"
Good sources for berries include nandina and holly bushes. And then there are the great finds along paths, sidewalks and among trees such as...
brown pods from wisteria vines, wooden-like pods from trumpet vines, peeling bark from Crepe Myrtles, 
sweet gum balls, dried flowers such as golden yarrow (from the garden) and Lady apples from the store
Add a bow... or not
 And enjoy!!!
Most of this material can be inserted into the wreath using a hot glue gun. Some, such as the apples, must first be mounted on a stake, then attached with hot glue. Multiple stems of gum balls are wrapped together with wire so that the unit can be glued in as one piece.
Questions- just email me!

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