Friday, January 4, 2013

Tuberose- A Seductive Fragrance for Summer Bouquets

Looking for fragrance in your summer bridal bouquet?... Check out Tuberose.
These glistening white tubular flowers are a favorite for southern gardens. And no wonder... one or two stems can fill a room with the most wonderful fragrance.!
Not only do they smell great, they are also a lovely to look at. Tuberose have a sweet cottage garden appeal that is perfect for informal bouquets such as this one of soft coral dahlias and garden roses
and another one designed with zinnias, feather celosia, blue salvia and Love-In-A-Puff. 
Last year was the first year for growing them at Springwell Gardens, and I have to say I was charmed! So they will definitely be back this summer as well, both in the garden, and in a few bridal bouquets too!

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