Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Weddings- Scott & Sarah

No matter what the weather- it could be buckets of rain or blazing hot or an unexpected snow or WHATEVER- the most important thing is that it's YOUR WEDDING DAY, and soon your lives will be joined together for Life, and that always makes this day a MOST wonderful day!
Last Saturday, Sarah and Scott were very blessed with normal summer weather, but I am sure it would not have mattered. August 13th was their wedding day!
I loved having the opportunity to meet some of Sarah and Scott's family and friends. I even got to talk to Scott for a few moments and his Dad (we talked about gardening!), and of course I loved seeing Sarah and her bridesmaids all excited, her mom, Sally and Aunt Elaine and all the others who had come together for such a joyous occasion. I also saw my sweet bride Anna and her husband Josh!
I paused for a few moments to watch their special day unfold, and as I do for all my couples, I whispered a prayer for God's blessing on their wedding.

The vibrant colors of the flowers kept everything cheerful. The bouquets for the bridesmaids were filled with Gerber daisies, purple stock and purple carnations, green button mums and soft purple asters. I also used antique green hydrangea heads with touches of teal blue.
Sarah's bouquet was filled with purple hydrangeas, stock, dark purple lisianthus, green button mums and Spider mums and the wonderful fragrance freesia and scented geraniums.
I am so happy for this sweet couple who have been married ONE week. Praying God's blessing for you!!!


  1. It's all very well, a happy combination of flowers ...
    Sarah's Bouquet I really like the freesia scent is sooo rich ...
    Greetings and good weekend!

  2. Can you tell me what flowers are in the 2nd picture? It's a beautiful combination!

  3. The flowers in the second picture include green Bells of Ireland, green Fuji mums and button mum, purple aster, purple larkspur, purple carnations, fuchsia stock, magenta phlox, and golden rod (solidago)