Thursday, August 25, 2011

Late Summer Bouquet from the Garden

I have been playing around with dahlias for several years, and I still have mixed feelings about growing them. But the blooms that are coming along as the season progresses and the days get shorter, are making me take a second look. What a gorgeous flower!!!
I wish I could tell you the name of this peach colored beauty, but I have misplaced the tag- Oh well...
This summer bouquet features zinnias, a black-eyed Susan called Indian Summers, gomphrena and celosia as well as dahlias. The zinnias are Benary Giants- Salmon Rose, and I hope to have them for Gretchen & Jason's September wedding and Katherine & Jared's October wedding. The gomphrena are a saucy orangey-red called Strawberry Fields, and the celosia is a soft yellow with just a hint of green undertones.
I also added some foliage. I think that the bronze hue of the new growth on this Japanese Cleyera (Ternostoemia gymnathera) is such a lovely accent. Whenever new plants go into our landscape, I like to make sure they can do double duty. I am always cutting stems from these shrubs for bouquets and for large scale designs. They usually hide in the background, but I thought I would let these glossy leaves peak out a little.
Summer flowers are oh so SWEET!!!

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