Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Wedding Flowers- Bridal Crown Narcissi and Bridal Wreath Spirea

I'm loving this new (to me) narcissus! It's called Bridal Crown and it has the sweetest little flowers! The bouquet above is just a simple gathering of Bridal Crown Narcissi stems. The flowers are creamy white with with saffron yellow cup stamens and a light sweet fragrance.
Here's another bouquet with Bridal Crown, white hydrangeas and white lisianthus with a swirl of Bridal Wreath Spirea encircling the lower stems.
These are a couple of pictures from the garden of Bridal Wreath spirea (above) and the Bridal Crown narcissi (below). Their bloom season is from mid to late March.
The bridal wreath spirea will be worked into some of the ceremony designs for CeCe's wedding this weekend, and the narcissus might find its way into some of the designs for the cocktails tables at the reception.
Here's another shot of the second bouquet. I wrapped the stems with silver aluminum wire after I swirled the spirea around and on itself.
This charming bouquet has a vase life of about five days. It is perfect for brides who like all things gardeny and it so wonderfully conveys springtime here in Cary, NC!

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