Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Flowers From the Garden- Pretty in Pink

I have been browsing through pictures from last year's garden, and I thought that I would write a little about some of the beautiful pink and magenta flowers that would be perfect for a garden themed or vintage wedding. Some may be familiar to you, others may be flowers that your grandmother use to grow. The flowers in the picture above are crested celosia or cockscomb. The flowers feel like fuzzy velvet and come in burgundies, yellows, pinks and reds. Cockscomb blooms from June through frost. I usually do several plantings, and some of the flower heads can reach about six to eight inches wide.
Rose campion or lychnis is a small flower about the size of a quarter, but its vivid hot pink petals definitely command attention. These flowers start blooming in the garden in late May and will continue for about six to eight weeks. Petite white vases grouped together holding these little gems would look sweet.
Foxglove or digitalis starts blooming around late April. I love the freckles! The first bloom spike is about 2 1/2 feet tall and makes a bold statement in any design. Secondary flower spikes are about a foot tall.
Clematis flowers are wonderful in lush, exotic designs or simply elegant floating in a crystal bowl. The cut flowers last about five days, sometimes more. I also like to use the wiry flower pods after the petals have dropped. Some clematis vines start blooming late spring, others start in summer. There are also some that flower again in the autumn.
One of my all time favorite flowers is hydrangea. I have blues, purples, whites and this rich pink, (actually most years this shrub gives me dark purple flowers, but I moved it to a new location and the pH of the soil is more alkaline). The flowers last for weeks, eventually changing to antique shades of pale green with blush undertones.
This is just a sampling of what to expect from my spring and summer garden beds. More to come!

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