Sunday, February 27, 2011

Get Ready for Spring!!!

I don't know about you, but this weather is blowing me away. I can't believe these past few days! Dreary cold 40's seem a distant memory. Today has been a balmy 78 degrees and tomorrow promises more of the same. Some of my early bulbs are starting to come up and BLOOM! These are blue hyacinth. Honestly, I think they are blooming a little early because they are 2nd year bulbs and I dug them up last year. I kept the dried bulbs inside, then chilled them in the fall and ending up putting them out a little late. But aren't they beautiful!!! I may even use some in a spring bouquet.

I was so pleased to see my Ice Follies with blooms popping open too. I wrote about these sweet daffodils back in December just after we got nailed with about eight inches of snow. And now they're up and blooming.
Daffodils (or narcissus) are wonderful for the spring time garden beds. You can purchase them in the late summer or fall, and plant them out in mid to late November, and before you know it they will be opening up and announcing spring. Daffodil bulbs are great too in that they multiply and you will have more in the upcoming years.
Hellebores are such elegant beauties. Their flower show starts in mid to late February and continues through March. Sometimes the aged flower heads still look great two months later.
This one is a new variety- Helleborus 'HGC Pink Frost'.
March is just a day away and suddenly there is a lot to do in the garden.
Next weekend is also the start of my spring wedding season. Emma and Bobby will be married on Saturday. I hope to post pictures of the flower work in progress- We'll see.....

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