Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spring Time Wedding Flowers in Yellow

No, these are not yellow flowers, but they are definitely harbingers of spring- these sweet little jewels, which are only about six to seven inches tall, have been blooming for about two weeks. They are Galanthus or Snowdrops, and they are not afraid of the cold! Each year I become a little more enamored with snowdrops, and I am planning on adding more to my garden next fall. I also want to add their big cousin, Leucojum or Snow Flake, which will bloom later- around mid to late March here in Cary, NC. Snow Flakes will grow twelve to fifteen inches tall. Both of these bulbs can be planted mid to late November after a good hard frost when ground temperatures have cooled below 55 degrees. If planted when soil temps are too warm, the bulbs may put on unnecessary top growth which could diminish their spring time flower show.
I decided to try some Snowdrops as a cut flower and ended up adding them to my yellow bouquet. Because of their small size, they have a hidden water source. I have found Snowdrops will last about four to five days as a cut flower. I love the dainty heads of Snowdrops peaking over the yellow gerber daisy!
In addition to yellow gerber daisies and white Snowdrops, this bouquet also has yellow tulips and some coral, peach and red ranunculus and ivory Majolika roses.
The finishing touch- a cage of curly willow stems that are just budding out with new leaves!

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  1. All those wedding flowers are absolutely stunning, very beautiful. Hope I can make something like these