Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer Dahlias and Zinnias

We have had the summer rains this year, so there are lots of summer flowers. Here's some of the flowers blooming now at Springwell Gardens: Audray Pink Gomphrena, Burgundy Crested Celosia, Queen Red Lime Zinnias, Karma Dahlias, and Centaurea Colchester White
And here they are in a summery bouquet. Other flowers include Fireworks Gomphrena, Mountain Mint, Blue Ageratum, Smilax Vine, Summer Phlox and Love-in-a-Puff.
Most of these flowers will continue to bloom until frost. I have some autumn weddings that
will feature several of these beauties. Cafe Au Lait and Chilson Pride Dahlias are starting
to crank up which will be great for my brides that want a softer color palette.

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