Monday, April 7, 2014

Jewel Tone Anemone and Pansy Centerpiece and Bouquet

The garden beds are starting to crank out some real beauties! It's so exciting to watch tall stems of white and purple anemones unfurl to show off dark velvety centers. .Hellebores are starting to mellow to a mint green, and bridal wreath spirea and flowering almonds have reached their peak.  These are just some of the flowers of spring!
Here are a couple of designs that take advantage of these lovely flowers as well as others such as ranunculus,  hyacinth, viburnum, pansies and muscari.
 Muscari and pansies are delightful flowers, but they have short stems, so they had to be given a separate water source to use in both of these designs.
The ethereal beauty of these flowers makes them a joy for springtime weddings!

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