Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Purple and Blue Pansies and Muscari for Springtime Weddings

The pansies had a rough time this year with all the cold, but they are finally starting to shine. Muscari was slow to start by a couple of weeks, but they too are now taking off..  
These blooms just shout "Spring!" and look great  in floral designs, but because of their short stems, you have to be creative. One way is to utilize the plants as well as the flowers. This short squared container lends itself well to a design in which individual plants and flower stems can be used.  
I have arranged two small pansy plants diagonally across from each other and two sedum plants along with some "hens and chicks" (sempervivum) in the other diagonal corners, then filled in with blooms from hyacinth, hellebore, anemones and muscari. The short stems of the flowers have their own water source while the plants were wrapped separately and tucked in. The container looks best when set on the table on the diagonal and offers a different view from all sides.
Another nice feature about this design is that it can be taken apart and the plants reused.  The pansies can be potted up and enjoyed for several more weeks before we really get hot (they can't take our summer heat), and the sedums can go right  into the garden bed or another container.

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