Sunday, November 24, 2013


While there is not much blooming in the gardens now, there's a lot to do to get ready for winter.
The greenhouse sheeting is on several of the hoop tunnels, and frost cloth is coming out for the cold nights ahead. The tunnels are great for growing ranunculus, anemones, Chantilly snaps, and other springtime flowers that I want to protect.
 Daffodils, leucojums, tulips, and muscari have been and are being planted, pansies have been potted, and the are lots of anemones and ranunculus pushing up in the garden.
No, there is not much blooming now- this is a time of waiting... But the good news is that the waiting won't be too long. By January there should be some early flowers to offer, then more in February and lots more in March....
So here are a few things that will be showing up SOON at Springwell Gardens-
Yes, soon the waiting will be over and I will be picking these flowers again- Just For You!

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