Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sun Coleus for Fall Weddings

Some great plants for autumn weddings are of course dahlias and zinnias, but another plant to consider is one that has showy leaves instead of flowers. One of my favorites for fall is the Sun Coleus. These plants are workhorses in the summer border, and they come in a wide range of colors. Sun Coleus (as their name implies) can take full sun. Keep them watered and they will perform all through summer until frost. Another great feature is they look wonderful in cut floral arrangements and bouquets. 
The Sun Coleus in the bouquet below demands your attention just as much as the flowers. The rich bronze color leaves with the scalloped chartreuse edging say "Look at Me!". These beauties work well with the traditional autumn gold of solidago, orange dahlias and yellow zinnias and  a lovely draping Opopeo Amaranth.  
They can also be well mannered when combined with a more subtle color palette of white dahlias and antique mauve sedums and green spikes of perilla.
Brides contemplating something different for the autumn bouquets for 2013 may want to really consider adding Sun Coleus to their flower list.

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