Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Summer Wedding Flowers- Check Out Feverfew, Part 1

As the garden beds wind down for the season, I thought I would take a look back and write a little about some of my favorite garden picks that LOVE to play the supporting role in bouquets and centerpiece designs. And one of the best for summer weddings is Feverfew.
 There are two forms that I grow- the double flowers as in the picture above, and the single daisy-like flowers as in the picture below.
 The post is going to focus on the single flower form.
Once you have this plant in your garden, it's pretty easy to keep it. I have found feverfew to be a short lived perennial, but it reseeds so easily that I usually have plenty in the garden. The plants stay low throughout the winter and then start to shoot up in March and April. The bloom time is from mid April through late May or early June. Leave some of the flower heads on the plant until they have died to ensure they reseed. Afterwards I suggest cutting the plants back to keep the clumps neat.
Check out a few bouquets that feature this Oh-so-sweet-flower!
Katie's yellow bouquet from last June was also designed with yellow Babe spray roses, brown-eyed Viking mums, sunflowers, Queen Anne's Lace and English ivy.
Coral and white zinnias, white calla lilies, blue Chinese delphinium  look great with clusters of feverfew...
And so does this bouquet of Snow on the Mountain Euphorbia, yarrow and white roses.
Two good sources for seeds are Select Seeds and Johnny's Selected Seeds


  1. LOVE that first bouquet of exclusively feverfew! The simplicity is perfect and sweet.

  2. Fever few for summer weddings is shared on the post here, know all about it