Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"Snow on the Mountain" and White Rose Summer Bouquet

Snow on The Mountain (Euphoribia maginata) is blooming now in the summer beds at Springwell Gardens.
It's the green and white ruffle of leaves encircling this mixed bouquet of white roses, lisianthus and feverfew.
Snow on the Mountain is such a refreshing name for a summer plant. It's grown not so much for the flowers, but for the soft green leaves edged in white- the tiny flowers are hardly noticeable. These plants were started from seed in early March. They grow slowly at first, but add a little summer heat then they really take off. One of my favorite sources for seeds is Johnny's Selected Seeds because their catalog gives a wealth of information about how to grow the seeds you get from them! Check them out at: http://www.johnnyseeds.com/
A word of caution when using any type of euphorbia- the plants excrete a milky sap when the stems are cut that may cause skin irritations in some people. Be sure to sear the stems in hot water and set aside in very warm water to condition before handling. And always wash the sap from your hands.
If you are looking for a distinctive textural element for your summer or fall wedding flowers-
You may really want to consider Snow on the Mountain!

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