Friday, July 13, 2012

Zinnias and Scabiosa in Pinks and Dark Maroon

Each year it's exciting to try something new in the garden. This years "new starts" included ranunculus and leucojum in the spring as well as poppies and delphinium. And for the summer I've added Pincushion Flower (Sweet Scabiosa) and Lisianthus.
These are not new types of flowers- they're just newbies to my garden beds.
The design above includes both pink and very dark maroon pincushion flowers (Summer Fruits and Black Knight Scabiosa), Pink Champagne Lisianthus, Love-in-a-Puff vine, Pink Zinnias and  dark leaves of Perilla. Love how the bright pinks play beautifully off the darker notes of the Black Knight Scabiosa and Perilla.


  1. Love the contrast of that Dark Knight scabiosa against the pale pink flowers and dark leaves...beautiful!

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