Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wedding flowers- the Supporting Cast

The hanging strands of pieris and the ivory and burgundy blooms of hellebore are available in the garden by mid to late February. The silky soft buds of pussy willow start to open in March
This cascade bouquet includes hellebore, pussy willow and viburnum tinus from the garden.
These bright green euphorbia, soft pink cherry blooms, and blue muscari along with the Negrita tulips were gathered from the garden and woven into this ceremony design for Amanda and Jonanthan's wedding last March.
Sometimes brides will ask me, "Do you grow all your flowers?" And the answer is "No," but each year I work to grow more and more. And I am striving to have "garden additions" to add to my designs in every season. In addition to flowers, I also grow ornamental shrubs, herbs, and vines- most of my garden beds and borders are filled with plants offer something unusual or interesting to add to floral designs. Sometimes they are the stars in my designs, and sometimes they are the supporting cast. Flowers from Springwell Gardens are ideal for a vintage or garden chic design, and truly offer my brides and clients treasures to add to their floral arrangements that aren't easily found anywhere else. And who knows, maybe someday you will want to try your hand at growing a garden of your own.

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