Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Negrita Tulips in a ceremony arrangement
White and Apricot Parrot Tulips on the window sill
Last year I grew several varieties of tulips. One variety in particular, Negrita, was for a March wedding. I was so impressed with the color and the quality of the flowers that I planted tulips again last weekend for next March and April. I have several early varieties such as the double early tulips "Foxtrot"(a pale peachy pink) and "Monte Carlo"(fragrant light yellow blooms). A double flower is a flower that has lots of petals. Other varieties of early tulips that I planted are Triumph tulips, "Barcelona" (hot fuchsia), "Negrita" (a deep purple that I grew last year - see picture above), and "Wildhof" (blizzard white). I also have planted some later blooming varieties- well late blooming in the South means early April- the French Tulip "Menton" (a rose pink) and the Peony Flowering "Angelique" (a fragrant full bloom- lots of petals- that is pale rose pink with dark rose flushes). Now I am just praying that I have the same wonderful results as last year! I will keep you posted.
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  1. First i love your posting.i really enjoyed reading this posting...those wedding Tulips look so pretty..