Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Anemone and Ranunculus Centerpiece Designs for Spring

Anemones and ranunculus are probably the two favorite springtime bloomers at Springwell Gardens.
Anemones will actually start up during the winter months and slowly gain momentum through April. By mid March the ranunculus are joining in.
The bold faces of anemones with their dark eye and the full flounced ruffles of ranunculus are a nice contrast in floral designs.
I love to use them for wedding bouquets, but they are also stunning in centerpiece work as well. In  March they may be paired with other locally grown flowers such as Bridal Wreath spirea, Winter Daphne, pussy willow and hellebore.
And as springtime moves into April they are joined by leucojum, snapdragons and viburnum and the slightly fragrant buds of Spice Bush. In May they .

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