Saturday, March 7, 2015

Garden Flowers for Spring and Summer Weddings- Chantilly Snapdragons

Every day brings us one day closer to spring! Even with the very cold weather I am already seeing signs. Here's another flower that will be blooming soon at Springwell Gardens- Chantilly Snapdragons!
This type of snapdragon has a lovely open face with delicate petals that face. Chantilly Snapdragons come in an array of soft pastel colors such as pink and peach and light yellow.
I grow this variety with winter protection. The blooms start up in late March along with ranunculus, poppies, and anemones as shown in the design above.
 It continues to bloom through early summer and looks great with zinnias, yarrow and feverfew.
I am looking forward to using it for my May and June weddings!

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  1. Wow!! How beautiful Garden Flowers!! These flowers are perfect for spring and Summer wedding reception parties. Thanks for sharing these great ideas! I like flower decorations rather than expensive theme d├ęcor.