Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Leucojum- A Dainty Flower for Early Spring Wedding Bouquets

There are already some daffodil bulbs pushing up stems in the garden, and I think I even see a few leucojum (Spring Snowflake),  as well. This petite, white bell shaped flower is perfect for bridal bouquets.
Bulbs are planted in the fall and the normal bloom times in the Raleigh-Cary area are mid March through early April.
Which makes it perfect for brides who want to incorporate local flowers in their early springtime wedding flowers. It is featured in a bouquet above with pink and white ranunculus, hellebore and a fragrant variety of viburnum called Korean Spice Bush. And in an all white bouquet below with anemone and ranunculus.
I love to include flowers like these in bridal bouquets because they are just the type of flower that a bride can easily grow herself and enjoy each anniversary for years to come.

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