Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beautiful, Bold Dahlias and Zinnias for Kelsey and Eddie

It's so exciting to see the vision for wedding flowers come to life!

When I first met with Kelsey and her mom, Ellen, I learned that the color palette would be bold- very bold. Strong reds, golden yellows, electric blues, touches of coral-peach, bright oranges, and purples that would look stunning against the royal blue bridesmaids dresses. 
The flower choices included lots of garden varieties in keeping with the rustic atmosphere of Snipes Farm. Garden picks included Love-in-a-Puff pods and vines, scented geranium, Sweet Annie, peach dahlias, Karma Chocolate dahlias, orange crested celosia and peach, yellow and red zinnias.
Blue delphinium, orange and yellow spray roses that came from my wholesaler added the finishing touches to the bouquets and the cute centerpiece designs- collections of bottles, jars and vases nestled within picture frames (Ellen's idea) on burlap runners. 
 Everything was coming together beautifully when I left. The guests were arriving and the atmosphere was exciting!!! I heard from Ellen that a great time was had by all.
Kelsey and Eddie- I am so happy for you both! Praying God's blessing as you begin your marriage!!!

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