Friday, September 6, 2013

Pink Zinninas and Roses for a Late Summer Bouquet

September is here and longer shadows are being cast on the garden. Zinnias are slowing down a little, but the flowers are still beautiful. Time for a late summer bouquet.
This bouquet features lots of lovely shades of pink with a sprinkling of white. There's a new spray rose I am trying called Blush Star. No, they are not from the garden (I wish!!!)- these come from my wholesaler.
Flowers that are from the garden include feather celosia, pink and white zinnias, blush pink heads of Autumn Joy sedum, pink yarrow and lacy white flowers of garlic chive.
I love it when Judy is around and willing to hold the bouquets- makes it so much easier to envision how something like this would look as a bridal or bridesmaid bouquet....

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