Saturday, August 24, 2013

Zinnia and Dahlia Centerpiece In Jewel Tones

The zinnias continue to crank out. One of my all time favorites is this little beauty called Queen Red Lime. Had trouble finding seeds earlier in the season, so I don't have many  plants this year.
But I did find seed later, so there should be plenty of plants next year. .
This design, created with flowers from the garden, features zinnias in pink and wine, white and lavender summer phlox, Mountain Mint, Karma Chocolate Dahlias, wheat and crested celosia and a petite dahlia called Jitterbug.
Just add some foliage such as glossy ternstromia, lamb's ear and wisps of Love-in-a-Puff vine, and you have one very elegant centerpiece!

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